9" PURE Pink Glass "Little Dume" Heart RIG

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Little Dume is a simple but elegant dab rig created to make a bold statement for the ladies of the cannabis culture. Measuring in at 9 inches, this dab rig perfectly handles your concentrates with ease. Carefully hand crafted fixed heart percolator floats inside like a jewel. Little Dume is made just for those who are wild at heart.

• Total height: 9"
• Bent neck: 22mm
• Body: 50mm
• Pure Pink raised logo
• Pink Heart Percolator
• 14mm Male Joint
• Pink Trim Dome
• quartz nail included
• Includes Pure Pink carrying bag with foam insert
• Includes Pure Glass carbon pouch
• Includes 2oz. Kryptonite glass cleaning solution
• Pure scientific glass
• Hand crafted in Los Angeles, California