11" PURE Glass Surfrider Heart Splashguard - Pink

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At first glance the Surfrider will steal your heart. She's our company favorite in the Pure Pink collection. The suspended heart perc defies gravity and doubles as a splashguard. A five hole disc percolator base adds stability and creates larger bubbles for vapor release resulting in a smooth transition of smoke inhalation. Bring on the after sunset with this elegant dab rig, the Surfrider will carry you to new awakenings.

• 1" 26mm-75mm
• 5 Hole Disk
• Size: 11" 26mm-75mm
• Pink Heart Shaped Splashguard
• 14mm Male Joint
• Pink trim Dome
• quartz nail included
• Includes Pure Pink carrying bag with foam insert
• Includes Pure Glass carbon pouch
• Includes 2oz. Kryptonite glass cleaning solution
• Pure scientific glass
• Hand crafted in Los Angeles, California