PURE INFINITY 10MM Recycler 8.5" Turbine & Inline Perc

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The Pure Glass Infinity Recycler 10mm can be used for both Flower and Dabs and is the smaller 9" tall 10mm joint version of the 12" Infinity Recyler. For the attached 10mm Male joint, the Pure Glass Infinity Recycler comes with a 10mm Female bowl for Flower and a 10mm Female Dome for Dabs.

The Pure Glass Infinity Recycler has an Inline perc, a Ratchet disc perc, and a Recycler design for added filtration. "Pure Glass" is also artistically deep etched into the body of the glass.
&bull Height: 9"
&bull Perc: Inline + Ratchet Disc + Recycler
&bull Joint: 10mm male
&bull Dual Purpose: for Flower and Dabs
&bull Color: Black, Clear, Green, Orange, Pink.