Integra Boost Humidity Pack. Individually Wrapped (VOORBEELD VARIANTEN)

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Boost your botanicals with Integra 62% 67g Boost Humidity Packs. These packets help you take control of the humidity levels of your stored botanicals. They are perfect for dispensary jars that are constantly being reopened throughout the day. They feature a patented technology that will release or absorb moisture as necessary to maintain relative humidity in a contained environment. Integra Boost helps to extend the shelf life and quality condition of your products. Each humidity pack is individually wrapped so they will be fresh and ready to go when you are. Every packet comes with its own replacement indicator card.
• Units Per Case: 100
• Each packet is 67g
• Maintains 62% RH levels
• Prevents meld and mildew
• Preserves freshness, taste and aroma
• Extends shelf life
• Durable and puncture resistant overwraps
• Food grade, non-transferable ink
• Replacement indicator card included with each packet