Pure Glass 8" Mini Torus Sidecar StraightMartini Male 14mm

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The Pure Glass Mini Torus-M is for flower and comes with a 14mm male joint and a hybrid 14mm female flower bowl.  The Pure Glass Mini Torus-M can easily be converted to a dab rig since it has a 14mm male joint.  The Mini Torus is the smallest of the Pure Glass TORUS line, which also includes the 12"x65mm TORUS and the 18"x110mm NOTORUS.  The Pure Glass Mini Torus packs a lot of filtation percs for its size.  There are 3 levels of filtration: a beautiful ball perc at the base and directly above it are two ratchet disc percs.  "Pure Glass" is also artistically deep etched into the body of the glass.

• Brand: Pure Glass
• Height: 7"
• Joint: 14mm male
• Perc: Ball perc + 2 Ratchet Disc percs
• Colour: Clear
• Included: Flower Bowl


Pure Glass is a global brand of premier glass bongs and dab rigs.  Pure Glass began in Southern California over 10 years ago with a just a few local glass blowers in Los Angeles.  Now they have established themselves as leaders in the glass industry.  Pure Glass is known for their sleek designs, deep etch, and colours of their handblown glass.